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Diamond Rings and Jewerly

Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Click Below to browse our huge selection of discount diamond engagement rings where we are sure you will be impressed with our diamond selection and cheap diamond ring pricing.
Diamond Ring Sets
Diamond Engagement Ring Sets
Browse our full collection of Diamond Engagement ring sets where our exquisite variety and direct factory cheap diamond pricing will ensure you will get the best value for you your money on any stunning engagement ring set!
Solitaire Rings
Solitaire Engagement Rings
Wow her with one of our incredible diamond solitaire rings, we grantee the best quality diamonds and cheap diamond pricing on all our discount diamond solitaire engagement rings.
Wedding Bands
Diamond Wedding Bands
We are sure you will find the wedding band you are looking for at the best wholesale diamond price!
Diamond Journey Collection
Diamond Journey Collection
Choose one of our hand crafted Diamond Journey necklaces and you will be sure to take her breath away!
Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings
Need a gift for a special occasion, then browse our selection of breath taking diamond stud earrings!

Welcome to Biggestdiamond.com – Your Reliable Seller of Diamond Jewelry

Online Diamond Jewerly Wholesale

Thank you for visiting BiggestDiamond.com! We are online diamond jewelry wholesalers who always put the customer first and make sure that all our customers are able to save with our grand selection of discount diamond engagement rings! Our online jewelry store features one of the largest collections of Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Engagement Ring Sets and Solitaire Diamond Rings .

Each diamond engagement ring we sell is hand crafted and made from scratch to fit your specific needs by our dedicated team of jewelers! Also be sure to check out our collection of cheap diamond rings and cheap diamond engagement rings These sections are specially designed for today’s tough economic state, we understand that the economy is very poor and because of this strain we created the cheap diamond rings and cheap diamond engagement rings sections to help you save money while making other people jealous of your new stunning diamond engagement ring! So give us a call at 1-800-240-3253 and one of our dedicated sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Should you be in a need of a diamond engagement or anniversary ring, you have come to the right place. We at Biggestdiamond.com offer the most competitive prices for diamond jewelry in the market. Browse categories of our catalogue and make your choice. We understand that harsh economy makes us all save money. That is why we offer affordable jewelry.

Choice of the Right Diamond Engagement Ring

The Internet has made shopping both convenient and complicated because of a wide array of options. When looking for an engagement ring, a man should not forget that the proposal moment will be one of the happiest moments in a girl’s life. This moment should be really special. What can make it special? Right! This is a perfect diamond engagement ring which is a symbol of serious intentions and strong marriage relations. Since there are so many retailers online it is really important to buy from a well reputed seller. Thus, welcome to Biggestdiamond.com. Here you will find the best deals in the market.

Cheap Engagement Rings

When you hear about cheap engagement rings you probably think of some worthless junk. Check out our prices for all jewelry items. We offer wholesale prices for all sorts of engagement rings. Thus, making a “diamond” proposal to your second half will not empty your bank account. Our goal is to keep customers satisfied with both quality of diamond jewelry and prices.

Cheap Diamond Rings

As already said, you do not need any special occasion to make a great present to the person you love, and engagement is not the only reason to look for cheap diamond rings that will make a great present to anniversary of marriage, birthday or any other special event is people’s life.

How To Buy Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry

With the help of the internet there are many ways to save money when it comes to diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. The old rule of spending three months’ salary has gone to the window, leading more and more customers to cheap diamond engagement rings from quality sites like Biggestdiamond.com. If you are looking to get married, the diamond engagement ring will be one of the most important purchases of your life. The diamond ring is a symbol of your love, commitment and of course how knowledgeable you are on making such an important purchase. At Biggestdiamond.com we provide customers with cheap wholesale prices directly from the manufactures which cuts out the middleman and cuts down the price.  There are multiple ways to save money on diamond rings, but we make sure to educate you each step of the way.

The main way to save money on any diamond engagement ring is to avoid chain retail jewelry stores all together. The overhead on these types of stores based on rent and insurance, etc., just add onto the cost of your engagement ring directly. Online stores like www.Biggestdiamond.com are able to keep cheap wholesale ring prices by selling directly online to the mainstream customers.  As we already know, many people may be weary and skeptical about purchasing diamond jewelry over the internet.  At Biggestdiamond.com we have professional graduated gemologists who specialize in all diamond jewelry that are here to answer any questions you may have.

The process of purchasing a diamond engagement ring online is simple.  Start by browsing our wide selection of discount engagement rings, discount engagement ring sets and cheap diamond rings and select the ring of your choice. From there, you are able identify the center diamond size desired, clarity, metal type and ring size. Biggestdiamond.com prides itself on the ability to create each unique ring from scratch while still ensuring the best discount engagement rings.  All of the unique diamond ring options provide you with an opportunity to save money. For example choosing a .75ct center diamond will run you significantly less money than a 1.00ct diamond yet will be very minimally noticeable. A good rule of thumb is a diamond ring price will jump when you hit the carat and half carat mark such as 1.00ct or 1.5ct as opposed to .89ct or 1.35ct which are nearly the same size since carat size is a measurement of weight.

You can easily save big bucks on the metal type for your discount ring as well. Most people believe it is better to have an 18kt or even platinum gold engagement rings yet they do not realize that these metal types have more gold, hence the higher price tag, and tend to be softer giving them the ability to dent or scratch much more easily. So to save money and potential damage to your diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding band, or diamond engagement ring set, opt for the less expensive 14kt.

 However you decide to save some money on a diamond engagement ring, be confident that you will never sacrifice quality, style, or service at Biggestdiamond.com. The collections, discount engagement rings, discount engagement ring sets and cheap diamond rings are specifically designed to fit the needs of a customer on a budget and reflect upon these hard economic times so make sure to visit our collection of cheap diamond rings and cheap diamond engagement rings when visiting Biggestdiamond.com.

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