Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are 100% natural Earth Mined diamonds. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are diamonds that had visible imperfections or blemishes; however through the process of Clarity Enhancement the imperfections in the diamonds were removed and greater quality and higher-priced diamonds have been created.

How does clarity-enhanced process work?

The process of Clarity Enhancing of a diamond is performed in a diamond Laboratory. The most commonly used methods of Enhancing the clarity of a diamond is laser drilling, which uses a laser beam to remove inclusions. Another way of a diamond Enhancing is with so called fracture filling. Fracture Filling involves High Pressure and Temperature to inject diamond substance into the diamond's feathers, which makes the natural imperfections created in the earth invisible. The amount of this material is so small that it does not change the diamond's weight at all.

Can any one tell my diamond is clarity-enhanced?

The answer is NO! With the naked eye, your diamond will look just like any diamond that you may see at the Jewelry store. Only a highly trained gemologist who understands the process may be able to tell the difference when examining the diamond under a microscope.

Is a clarity-enhanced diamond as durable as a regular diamond?

The process of Laser drilling and fracture filling does not weaken your diamond in any way so your diamond is just as strong as a regular diamond.

Do I need to take special care of my clarity-enhanced diamond?

No, you do not. However, whenever you have your diamond jewelry cleaned or repaired be sure the jeweler knows you have a clarity-enhanced diamond. Extreme heat from a jewelers blow torch may erode the filling, so some precaution will be needed if you are having your ring re-sized.

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