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As rings are usually bought by men diamond earrings is a precious piece woman can buy for herself. In a certain age the need for quality jewelry, free of momentary whims of fashion, poses to a woman a task of finding the right piece. Inevitably the diamonds come on her mind. Now days independent working woman can afford invest in such expensive thing.

If you decide to buy diamond earrings, it is important to pay attention to the color of the gemstones and the general form of jewelry. Diamond earrings are a pair decoration, and the effect produced by it, doubled, the image they create, has a magical effect on others. In the other hand it is jewelry closest to the face, correctly picked up a pair of earrings can enhance woman’s appearance emphasizing features, give flirtatious or romantic look. Choosing diamond earrings is guided not only by fashion trends but also the unique features of their future owner. The simplest rule: do not choose too massive or angular ornaments, of course, taking into account the shape of the face. Earrings with subtle nuances can hide the flaws of the face. For example, rounded, convex forms of diamond earrings visually make the face wider, which is never a virtue. Consequently, plus-sized ladies should opt for earrings small, elongated and flat forms, or select clips or earrings with pendants. Elongated face will look better in a frame of larger jewelry.

The hear style is important as well. Been a luxurious garment diamond imposes to a woman a duty to maintain fresh hear cut or neat hairdress, preferably attached high enough not to cover the beauty of diamonds. Yes, ladies, diamonds are demanding, so showcase the best of them!

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